The following is a list of the services that CMT Tree Service provides.

Tree Pruning

Removing dead, diseased, or loose branches from your tree is beneficial to its health and overall lifespan. Tree care is very important to your trees, and a happy and good looking tree can often increase your property’s value, so call our team today to book your upcoming tree pruning service with our tea at CMT Tree Service.

Tree Trimming

Let us trim your overgrown and unruly trees today! Trees that have become overgrown could be hurting themselves by producing too many branches that intertwine and cut off each other, making the tree work harder to maintain the mess. Our tree trimming will let your tree breath and allow it to provide nutrients to the strong and foundational branches.

Tree Removal

A diseased or severely damaged tree is not smart to keep on your property. Our team has the hauling and removal equipment needed to safely and accurately remove any tree, no matter its size or location on your property. Call us today to book a tree removal service with us.

Tree Diagnosis

If you’re unsure if your tree is sick, diseased, or simply not getting the sun or water it needs, trust our tree experts to provide you with the most knowledgeable and accurate tree diagnosis in town. Trust our experts today!

Storm Damage

If a storm has passed through and made a mess of your trees, potentially causing a branch or limb to encroach on your home, our team can come out and remove it all, making your entire tree safe once more.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree is cut down, our team can properly and safely grind down the stump so it is flush with the ground or your landscaping. Choose the less invasive option over stump removal, and use our stump removal services available to all residential and commercial residents.

Debris Removal

If you have piles of foliage cluttering your yard, our team can come out and dispose of it all in a quick and efficient manner. Let us leave your yard or landscaping clean and spotless with our debris removal services.

Tree Planting

If you’re looking for some more shade in your landscaping, or just want to break up the visual monotony, tree planting may be the perfect solution for you. Call our team today for the most reliable tree planting services available.


The best way to keep your lawn, garden, and landscaping strong is with our nutritious fertilization service. Allow your foliage to establish strong roots with our fertilizer. Call today to learn more.


Coming in bundles, cords, or custom amounts, our firewood is perfect or the colder months where you simply want to stay in and warm up near the fire. Trust our wood to be insect and pest free, allowing your home to stay warm without any infestations.

Christmas Lighting

Let us make your home shine and stand out from the rest with our precise and prompt christmas lighting service. Don’t risk the heights and shaky ladders, let our team decorate your home for the holidays.

Pest Control

If you’ve found your home overrun with mosquitoes, beetles, or any insect, trust our team for the best pest control in town. Let us safely and efficiently rid your home of all pests so you can go back to living a stress free life.